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Dear Online Marketer,

'll be completely blunt with you...

If you don't have a responsive list of subscribers who have agreed to receive your offers and send you money then...

"You Do Not Yet Have An Online Business!"

It sounds a bit harsh (I know), but from personal experience I can assure you that the mantra is 100% true… The Money Is In The List!

Click here if you're so new to Internet marketing that the statement: “The Money Is In The List” – is confusing to you or you simply have never heard it before.

Many marketers report making $1 per month - per subscriber. This means that if you grow yourself a responsive list of 5,000 subscribers, you can realistically expect to gross $5,000 in sales each and every month!

And if you can grow it to 10,000 subscribers, then you can realistically expect to generate $10,000 per month ($333.33 per day) in income with that list (it's not hard and you'll soon see just how easy it can be for you).

More on this in one second, but first...

"When I had no list I made no money!"

It's true, I made zip, nada, zilch... when I didn't have a list.

And although I kept hearing time after time that "The Money Is In The List"… for some reason I just never built one.

I always felt that there had to be another (easier) way to profit online, and I kept searching for my path, trying this, that, and every 'next big thing' that presented itself to me for an entire year.

And guess what? To say it was a complete waste of time & money is an understatement.

But after 12 months of frustration and failure, once again, a friend explained to me that I was missing the boat without a list and I finally decided to devote all my time & energy to building my own cash-cranking opt-in list.

That was truly the wisest decision I've ever made!

Today I make an incredibly rewarding income from email marketing alone, and I'm about to reveal EXACTLY how you too can do the same...

"You push a button and they send you cash... lots of cash..."

Imagine for a moment if you will...

Waking up at the crack of noon, rolling out of bed when you feel rested and ready to get up... not when your alarm clock tells you to.

Grabbing a cup of coffee, smoke, or whatever morning vice gets you moving.

And then the best part... Heading over to your PC, logging into your accounts to see a steady stream of payments that have your name stamped all over them.

All because you logged into your list management system, wrote a short email and then clicked send.

It's a rough life but somebody's got to do it. And why not you?

Suppose you're already convinced that you need a list to succeed on the net, but you just can't figure out how to build it...

OR… you have a list, but you just can't seem to build it large enough to give you mind-blowing profits every month.

Before I go any further... I want you to be completely certain that I am talking from experience (not theory or hypothesis) and that I have discovered the key to real world success with email marketing.

Check out this screenshot demonstrating the results of just 2 emails to my subscribers, which took me just minutes to write and seconds to send...

This following shot was taken straight from my ClickBank account; it shows profits totaling $3,779.71.

Not a bad take for a 24 year old whose old school friends are still struggling to get by with their low paying entry level jobs

Now let’s take a quick peek at my PayPal account, shall we?


Note that I am not showing you these stats to boast, rather I just want to make a point; which is... that I know what I am doing and that I'm truly a person who can help you succeed on the net.

Now here's something you won't see very often...

"The secret in 3 easy steps..."

That's right... this is not some big windup that tells you what you need but not how to do it. That's simply not my style.

Building your own enormous list of ravenous buyers, hungry for whatever you have to offer can be broken down to just 3 simple steps as follows:

Shhh. This is between us;o)

  1. Create a professional lead capture page - This is a webpage that is specifically designed to collect names and email addresses. Your goal is not to sell anything here, as your profits will come from follow up emails.

  2. Advertise your lead capture page - Yes, instead of pouring your heart into advertising the website of the latest affiliate program, you need to advertise 'your' lead capture page. (Collect names & email addresses… sell later)

  3. Nourish your list - Build a relationship with your subscribers by sending them free quality information on a regular basis. Earn their trust and they'll actually be happy to buy your products and/or affiliate recommendations.

And that's it!

I can guarantee that you'll be very successful online if you follow the simple 3-step plan covered above.

And here's where you ask... "If it's so darn easy to make a living online like this then..."

"Why isn't everyone building a list?"

Good question, and here's an answer that might just surprise and shock you.

More on that in one second...

But first let me tell you about a little conversation I had with my Internet buddy (Jason) a couple months back.

We were chatting it up on MSN for over 3 hours straight. He was giving me the scoop on this hot little number he's been trying to connect with.

Apparently she's a Brazilian goddess with auburn hair and wicked green eyes that could make men kill for her. Jason was hooked and doing everything in his power to win her over.

Then... out of the blue, he says...

"Hey Gabriel, why do you think most people never build a mailing list, do you think it's because they are just lazy?"


I had never really given it much thought. I was so caught up in my own world. The world where I had a list and just assumed it was normal for everyone to be doing exactly the same thing.

I didn't get a chance to answer Jason because he went back into "Brazilian mode" and his plan of attack for making her his... but...

I could NOT for the life of me let go of that question...

"Not even close..."

So, is it because they are Lazy?

Laziness is rarely the problem. Maybe there's a few out there that just don't have the real desire to make more money than they ever dreamed.

But, more often than not, these folks WANT to enjoy the lifestyle of a successful entrepreneur. They are READY to do what it takes to live their dreams. They have passion.

As a result they spend hour after hour glued to their monitor - because they know that IF they figure out how to make this online thing work… they will NEVER have to work for someone else again.

Sound familiar?

Well, this kind of effort can never be described as lazy. These are go-getters that are NOT afraid to invest time and effort into getting the life they want... the one they deserve.

Why is it then? The #1 reason a vast majority of marketers fail miserably at list building is because…

They do not posses the necessary skills to setup a professional lead capture page that converts... Yep, and as you may recall, creating a lead capture page is step 1 in our 3-step success plan.

Now tell me, how can you grow a quality list of subscribers if you cannot create a professional lead capture page? If you don't know how to get past step 1 in the 3-step formula for list-building success... just how in the world can you succeed?

You just can't.

"Don't bring me problems..."

Back in the 7th grade I had a teacher named Ms. Blackstone. I think everybody has that one teacher that really stands out in their minds as their favorite...

The one that helped them the most, and the one where you actually looked forward to heading to their class.

Well, that was Ms. Blackstone for me. And she had something she always used to say to me that really forced me to look at things at a much deeper level.

When I would not give my homework any thought... when I would just look at something and say, "I need help"... she always said to me...

"Gabriel, don't bring me problems without solutions." I would go back and apply myself and almost without fail I was able to work through it. Ever since I moved past the 7th grade, largely thanks to Ms. Blackstone, I have carried this attitude with me.

There's no doubt about it... Ms. Blackstone turned me into a highly-skilled problem solver and that’s why I come to you with effective solutions. The answers you need. The help you've been searching for online.

You see, I know html (website code) and the rocket fueled conversion techniques that almost force my visitors to opt-in to my pages. Frankly, I know how to create kick-butt lead capture pages!

And now, it's time for me to impart this to you. It's time for me to pass the torch and turn you into a lead capture list-building machine. It's time that you start forcing people to join YOUR opt-in list, so that you can create cash out of thin air.

If you want it. If you're ready for it… then this...

"Breakthrough Software Will Have You Creating
Professional Cash-Cranking Lead Capture Pages In Just Minutes… Even If You Don't Know Squat About HTML"

ere's a quick snapshot of what this mind blowing program is about to do for you...

Create eye-catching lead capture pages that virtually force your visitors to opt in, sending your list nuclear in size and profitability... even if you don't know a single thing about HTML.

Its point-and-click interface makes our software extremely simple to use so you can be up and running with your first lead capture page in mere minutes — even for the BIGGEST internet newbie.

Choose from 2 5 beautiful and professionally created templates which have each been scientifically proven and field tested by the experts to convert visitors into subscribers... period!

Your new lead capture pages can be easily edited in any html editor for additional customization (This optional feature allows you to further differentiate yourself from the pack and establishes you as the go-to expert.

Our software is compatible with most major 3rd party autoresponders and integrates with them with point-and-click ease so you never have to worry about making system changes and can spend your time focusing on your new opt-in list.

Lead Capture Page Creator turns you into a list building monster capable of generating enormous and ultra-responsive subscriber lists, hungry for whatever you're selling... All at warp speed!

And So Much More!

Now You Have No Excuse... It is about time you start building a 'highly-responsive' optin list that generates astonishing profits for you every month like clockwork!

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