Lay Off Your Boss Caught On Tape

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Lay Off Your Boss Caught On Tape...

One thing about becoming a straight out of nowhere cash cranking success is that certain people take notice.

That's why I got a personal invite to a secret product creation mastermind in Atlanta just recently.

Imagine my surprise when some of the top names in their respective fields were also there to represent their unique expertise.

I dug deep, went to the well, and insisted that they give me some face time, and then caught it all on tape for you.

I cajoled, connived, and convinced each of them to dish out their innermost profitable secrets, techniques, and methods for online success.

And now it's all yours for the taking.

Harris Fellman Caught On Tape

Harris' metoric rise to the top of the IM charts is nothing short of legendary and spectacular.

In less than a year, he went from zero to million dollar IM hero, quickly becoming recognized as one of the top JV and listbuilding experts in the business.

I cornered Harris and forced him to spill his guts for you, and I caught it all on tape so you would not miss one iota of his powerful strategies.

Here's a hint of what you'll discover...

Why relationships are the MOST essential component to your online business and what most people do to turn these hot opportunities ice cold and fast (hint, don't do this).

Why it's actually easier to generate $10,000 in profit than it is to make $5000, and how you can be doing that in no time flat.

How to quickly convert JV partners into the best possible list building mechanism, allowing you to create cash on demand, almost instantly.

How and where to find hungry markets, thirsty for whatever you have to offer, and what you MUST do to quench their thirst!

The necessary steps you have to take in order to feed your lists the right amount of content and the right amount of sales pitch. Understanding these steps keeps your customers loyal, happy, and coming back for more!

And so much more!

Simon Leung Caught On Tape

Simon Leung is like a walking weapon of mass instruction.

If you haven't heard about this guy then you're in for one heckuva ride. He was working on the inside for Google, as one of their top AdWords specialists.

Simon ventured out on his own and brought his potent inside secrets right along with him.

Now you're getting his astonishing insider tricks, techniques, and strategies to add

explosive profitability to your PPC campaigns!

Here's a hint of what you'll discover...

Why "set and forget" and "automatic pilot" are buzzword recipe's for disaster for your business and your wallet.

Why anyone that tells you they have the perfect AdWords strategy is full of bunk and the truth behind ensuring maximum ongoing profitability.

The one keyword tool Simon still uses that makes research quick, easy, and ultra profitable. You'll be shocked to find out what it is.

How to properly structure your ads so you can stay under the radar and out of reach of the long arm of Google's "Slap".

The resource you NEED to research immediately if you've been struck down by the infamous "Google Slap", so that you can slap back.

And so much more!

Keith Wellman Caught On Tape

Keith Wellman can go to sleep with zero subscribers, and wake up a few hours later to thousands along with fresh sales jammed in his PayPal account.

This young listbuilding genius creates enormous and responsive lists at the drop of a hat, almost out of thin air.

Now he's spilling it all for you, on tape, so that you to can quickly and easily generate your own gigantic lists of hungry subscribers.

You know what they say... "The money is in the list."

Here's a hint of what you'll discover...

The 5 top expert methods for building your own enormous list entirely from scratch.

How to get your subscribers to excitedly open the emails you send each and every time, and then what you MUST do to drive them to buy!

What you absolutely have to do in order to steer clear of the spam blockers and how this sends your deliverability rates through the roof.

Why you must not attempt tricking the spam blocker and how to keep your email 'clean' and free of triggers.

How to keep new subscribers consistently flowing into your opt-in list and the sure fire underground methods for making them profitable.

And so much more!

Heather Vale Caught On Tape

Heather Vale is hands down the best video interviewer in the Industry.

Her style, poise, grace, attitude, and professionalism shine through when so many other videos in our marketplace look like they were filmed in some guy's garage.

I caught Heather on tape and put her in the hot seat so you could find out everything you need to know about creating high quality video to send your conversions and profits through the roof!

Here's a hint of what you'll discover...

The #1 skill for the perfect interview... and your jaw will hit the floor when you see how simple this truly is.

How interviewing can create the perfect backdrop to affiliate promotions and send your commissions into the stratosphere.

Why the "5 W's" are key to the success of any interview and how you can nail them with ease every single time!

What steps are a must when preparing yourself for an interview and what one thing you should never do or you'll disconnect with your audience immediately.

Uncover the single easiest technique for getting interviews with any expert you want, regardless of your experience.

And so much more!

Frank Sousa Caught On Tape

Frank is known for his Web 2.0 tactics...

In fact, nearly every major player has went to him at one time to get some advice on driving traffic.

What you'll find with Frank is that he knows what it takes not only to drive traffic using Web 2.0 but how to drive a hurricane of traffic!

Here's some of what you'll learn...

Uncover the insider and underground methods for using web 2.0 to drive stampeded of new hungry customers to your web sites on command.

Why there are really only a select number of social bookmarking sites that really matter, and the one that you must always use, no matter what.

The single most important technique for driving traffic to your sites and why if you’re not using this you will simply be left in the dust!

The lazy video technique that allows you to knock out traffic pumping videos without ever even having to pull out a camera or do your hair.

Why this method which is often overlooked can be a mega powerful tool that you can set up and unleash in just minutes!.

And so much more!


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