MAKE AWESOME Health and Success

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"How to Live the Aloha Joy RAW FOOD DIET
for AWESOME Health and Success."

You can have joy, even if you've tried the Raw Food Diet Before!

Here are just some of the mind-expanding secrets this book has for you

  • The #1 mistake most people make when starting raw foods, and how to do the exact opposite for success! (page 59)

  • How to keep yourself physically satisfied on raw foods by eating the proper amount of raw plant fats. (Hint - It's probably more than you think)
    (page 53 and 71)

  • The sixteen real reasons for food cravings, and what to do about each one. (page 85)

  • Why you should follow all of the 'eating guidelines' most of the time, but break each rule at least some of the time!
    (page 19)

  • How to ensure your success by increasing the number of reasons you have for switching to raw food. (page 161)

  • How your thoughts influence your progress, and how to reprogram your thinking for joy and success! (page 38)

  • Why a flexible approach to raw foods will ensure success much better than a rigid approach. (page 18)

  • The awesome truth about the taste awakenings that result from a raw diet. (page 75)

What's really amazing is how much time you save on the raw food diet. You may not realize how much time and energy you expend cooking and cleaning! Not anymore!

With the raw food diet, you choose how much time you want to spend. You can eat simply and lightly when you want, or you can take some time to prepare wonderful combinations and recipes.

It's a very free feeling to have more control over your time.

  • How to visualize the health you want in a way that activates your subconscious mind to create your health for you! (page 32)

  • What the organization says about the number of species on this earth, and what this means for raw food! (page 25)

  • Several unique ways of using the most powerful raw food appliance in the world to create wonderful living recipes. (page 145)

  • A four page list of positive societal changes that could result when large numbers of people switch back to raw food. (pages 168 - 171)

  • Other lifestyle factors that work with raw food to accelerate the health and success you achieve. (page 173)

  • A suggested reading list full of books to further your motivation, skills, and knowledge about raw foods and the raw life. (page 31)

  • Specific ways to get along happily in a cooked food world while on the raw food diet. (page 137) Hint - don't be a preacher.

  • How to tell, using specific guidelines, how you are doing in the area of physical performance. (page 89) We are capable of much more...

  • Why now is the best and easiest time to get into raw food because of the tremendous number of raw food options available. (page 179)


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