You Get To Enjoy With Instant Affiliate Submitter

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Here's The Full Range of Benefits You Get To Enjoy:

Increase your sales by attracting new affiliates that are actively looking for products to promote! Many of the affiliates looking through directories already have websites and mailing lists!

Get more affiliates to take charge of your advertising! You can now reach far more people than you ever could on your own. Best of all, you only pay for results!

Generate more sales with little or no effort. Just hit "Submit" and watch new affiliates roll-in soon after. You're going to take your business to the next level. Tens of thousands in new revenue may only be 1 new top affiliate away!

Lay the essential ground-work for a successful affiliate program to sprout. Getting listed in the directories is an essential component of every successful affiliate program because it leads to many new and active affiliates!

Save hours of your time and effort. Don't waste another second performing the tedious task of affiliate directory submission when a piece of software can easily do it for you!

Increase your chances of getting your affiliate sign-up pages listed in the search engines for terms likely to pull-in quality affiliates -- Because you have dozens of incoming links, getting listed for specific terms, such as "Fishing Affiliate Program" is much easier!

Click "Start" to put the automatic directory submission tool into action! If you've got multiple products, then this is the ultimate time-saving tool to start getting affiliates fast!

Submit to even more directories by using the semi-automatic submission tool to reach the maximum amount of affiliates! This tool fills-in your contact and product information and all you do is click a few buttons!

Save multiple projects so you don't have to re-type your product information every time you want to submit it! This is a HUGE time-saving feature if you have more than one affiliate program!

Schedule your automatic submissions so you can get listed when you're away from the computer! This is another must-have feature if you have multiple products.

Get full reports of how your submissions went to ensure you get listed in all of the directories! If one goes down, you will know and can quickly re-submit!

Select the categories you want your programs listed under with a few clicks of your mouse! You can quickly and easily tell the software where you want your listings found. In other words, Instant Affiliate Submitter can be just as effective as if you were submitting by hand!

Built-in software update feature allows you to get new innovations and recently added directories with the click of a button! Your copy grows in value!

Plus, you get many more unique usability features to make using it a breeze!


Traffic Blaster Pro 1.0
Simply put, Instant Affiliate Submitter offers a complete solution to not only make submitting to affiliate directories quick and easy... But, also help you get the most results possible from FREE affiliate directory traffic!


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