Six-Figure Blogging Income Secrets Revealed

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... INTRODUCING The Blueprint You Need To
Skyrocket Your Blogging Career... Even If You
Don't Know Squat About Blogs Right Now...
"Six-Figure Blogging Income Secrets Revealed"

If you've been looking for the simplest, fastest, easiest, cheapest way to get up to speed on blogging, and to actually start making money with it, you can stop looking.

Once you get done digging through this package and digesting what's in it, you'll be enough of an "expert" to start seeing profit in a couple weeks.

You won't find this anywhere else online—a blogging blueprint that delivers super-sized profits, but is easy enough for mere mortals to understand. And it's not a 10-page "pamphlet" that leaves you hanging either. Here's what you get...

The Complete 60-Minute Interview
with Scott Paton
($95 value)

Scott is an internationally renowned speaker on Internet marketing, podcasting and blogging.

My partner Heather Vale at, had the privilege of grilling him for a full hour on exactly how to get started with blogging.

Listen to this MP3 on your own computer with Windows Media Player (or any other player you have). Burn it to a CD and listen in your car. Put it on your portable MP3 player and listen to it just about anywhere you can possibly imagine.

Tests show that listening kicks your learning and retention into high gear, so having this convenient MP3 will help you get started faster and with more confidence. Here's just a taste of what you'll discover as this penetrates your brain...

The secret psychology behind mega-successful blog owners.

How and where to start a blog for FREE. You can be up and running in two minutes flat.

Where to find free templates to make your blog look like you paid a pro web designer $1,500 to spiff up your site.

The blogging rule that will make your blog a profit machine, instead of just a brain dump online—which almost always flops.

The exact process for finding killer keywords that'll bring you crazed info fanatics who will love and buy from you.

How and where to find content for your blog, almost without lifting a finger.

Simple explanations of the entire blog lingo, like "pinging" and "trackbacks". It won't be Greek to you anymore.

What RSS is, and why you absolutely must use it on your blog...because it'll kill email marketing dead soon.

Four quick ways to boost your search engine rank that'll have all those SEO nuts jealous of how easy it is for you.

The trick for getting ranked on Yahoo! that ought to be illegal...but it's not, and it works every time.

The most powerful linking strategy you've never heard of. It's sneaky...but search engines love it.

Three nearly autopilot income streams you can flip the switch on once you're getting traffic to your blog.

Blogging mistakes to avoid like the plague. One is so simple you'll laugh, but most bloggers step in it and kill their profits.

All That And Much, MUCH More!

The PDF Transcript
($47 value)

The PDF transcript of the entire interview (that's page one to the left).

Are you a reader, not a listener? No problem! Print the PDF transcript and take it with you wherever you want.

It's 26 no-fluff pages jam-packed with exactly what you need to know to make blogs an income stream in your arsenal.

"The Ultimate Blogging Checklist"
($95 value)

This simple 7-step checklist lets you stamp out as many profit-pulling blogs as you want...forever.

It includes tips and resources not found in the interview, and keeps you focused on exactly what you need to do.

Step #7 alone will make the real difference between success and failure for your blog.

"How To Find
BEST Content For Your Blog"
($75 value)

Do NOT keep yourself from the blogging money machine because you think you can't write, or you just hate to.

You can create blogs and not write any of the content yourself! This short report gives you 10 places where you can find top-notch content for your blog and not break a sweat.

You might know a few of these already, but you probably don't know them all.

"How To Flood Your Blog With
Free Targeted Traffic"
($95 value)

A blog without traffic is dead in the water. If you want to rake in the cash, you have to get an avalanche of traffic pouring into your blog like there's no tomorrow.

This PDF report shows you exactly how to do that. You probably already know some ways to get traffic, but this gold mine will give some new ideas you've never thought of.

That's a Total Value of $407!

This Is Blogging For Dummies...
Even Though You Aren't One

You're not dumb. It's just that nobody has ever given you the scoop on blogging in language you could understand.

Taking action is a necessary step for success. But if somebody tells you to take action and become a blogging success, but doesn't tell you how, that's not helpful, is it?

They say, "Use a free CMS to set up a blog with an attractive theme, post daily and ping it for maximum RSS exposure." HUH?! What the...? If nobody explains, how could you be anything other than lost?

Your "Six-Figure Blogging Income Secrets Revealed" package is in plain English. You don't have to wade through 100 pages of techno-gibberish. You don't even have to read at all, if you don't want. If you do, the PDF transcript is short, and you can easily digest it in under an hour.

There's no fluff in here. It cuts straight to the chase to give you what you need to start NOW, and that's vitally important because...

"You Need To Be Blogging NOW"

You need to be blogging right now for two BIG reasons:

  1. There's almost literally a river of cash out there in the blogosphere, and if you're not blogging, you're not grabbing any of it.
  2. Even worse, if you don't get started today, you'll be lower down the learning curve than other people are in a year , or in a couple years, which could kill your business—because blogging IS the next big thing.

I know, everybody and his brother is shouting about the "next big thing" in your email inbox. But this time it probably IS different, and I'll tell you why.

According to Technorati, by April 2006 there were over 34,000,000 blogs online, and the number of blogs had doubled every six months for over three years.

There are well over 50,000,000 blogs one year later. There's a new one roughly every second of every day.

Blogging is here to stay. But what really counts is that blog readers have more money, buy more often, and spend more when they buy than non-readers.

As an online entrepreneur, it's not really a choice of whether you're going to blog, it's when you're going to start. And I'm making it crazy easy for you, so there's nothing standing in your way.

"Okay,Do I Fork Over $100?"

Considering the money you can make within a couple weeks, I could charge that and sleep well at night...but you won't pay anything close.

I thought about charging $297 for this, because of what I'm going to tell you in a just a minute...but you won't pay that either, because I want you to start blogging, not think about it or be afraid of it.

You're getting $407 worth of stuff, but you're not going to pay anything close to $297 for it. If you put this to work for you, though, you can make that back easily in two weeks, and probably in week one. I'm making this as easy as tying your shoes.

Look, I know how powerful this material is, and I'm sure you'll be dancing for joy within an hour or two after you download this. But maybe you're not so sure. So I'd like to put your mind at ease by taking all the risk myself...

I'm So Confident You'll Succeed With This...
That I'll Risk The Money For A Full Year!

All the "how to blog" junk online gives you a dinky "ebook" that tells you almost nothing and leaves you stuck where you are. Not my package, because I'll give you something other people can't or won't...

Give me about two hours (to be conservative) and I'll show you exactly how to generate $240,000 within the next 12 months with your very own blog empire. You'll get a step-by-step plan in plain English, that doesn't leave you mystified and confused.

Best of all, you have one full year to put "Six-Figure Blogging Income Secrets Revealed" to work in your business. If you're not shocked and thrilled with the profit gusher, let me know and I'll refund every penny you paid me, no questions asked and no hard feelings.

I call it my "Blast Off With Blogs or Don't Pay Diddly" Guarantee. How's that strike you?




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