Kindle 3 Review - Latest Kindle Reader to Capture the E-Book Reader Market

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Finally, light 3 is officially launched 28th July 2010 Order. With light 3 is the latest Kindle, it's outbeat competitors, including the IPAD, eReader and deaf people in relation to the offered price and features. Kindle 3 review will be shared here compare a fantastic improvement over the second second-generation Kindle

3 size and light weight

light 3 is really 21% smaller and 17% lighter than her former family modela.6 Kindle 2 "display size remains as it is even with this small form factor. This has greatly improved the portability of light and shade against all other competitors in a similar category. with just 8.7 ounces weight, light 3 can be read comfortably with just one hand, because it is even lighter than a typical paperback and thinner than a magazine.

Kindle Battery 3

Former Kindle 2 batteries is about 14 days without a wireless connection. New Kindle 3 definitely pushed my battery life even more for a longer period than one month without a wireless mode. In actual fact, its battery life could be even longer than the officially stated specifications.

3 ignite the screen and size

The third generation of the 6 "Kindle reader has the same improvement of more than 50% difference from any other e-reader for optimal reading experience. Kindle 3 can be read from their latest, high-contrast E-ink for the sharpest text and images. With this newest version features, reading experience may be almost the same as reading the printed book. Its screen is also sharper and more natural with no glare or backlight. Thus, it is even more comfortable to read on the Kindle than reading on a computer screen . Those who know how to light a 3 for the first time will be love at first sight.

ignite 3 font

In addition to better image quality, its proprietary font technology has also improved the pages turn faster and even more with sharper fonts. This feature is better led to the creation of words and letters more crisp, clear and natural looking. Kindle 3 also comes with 2 additional letters of options condensed Caecilia and Sans Serif. It can also allow a wider range of characters such as Cyrillic alphabet used in Russian, Tajik, Bulgaria, and dozens of other languages ​​such as Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Greek, etc.

ignite 3 for storage, wireless and price

light 3 is now bigger than 4 GB of internal flash memory to store about 3,500 books. It is more than twice the Kindle 2 is storage capacity. Similarly, Kindle 2, it was eliminated external storage on a memory card. To ignite 3 with both 3G and Wi-Fi option price of U.S. $ 189, its fast 3G connectivity has removed the need for large internal buffer. It can now also be used adjacent 3G Wi-Fi hotspots for faster download speeds and download stuffs free tele-density. To ignite the 3 with only Wi-Fi option, it only cost U.S. $ 139 and 0.2 ounces lighter to match the expected budget conscious book readers.

Other ignite 3 Features

Kindle 3 has similar social characteristics to support Facebook and Twitter integration. It also gets access to the voice menus with text-to-speech feature that would ignite a readily available device that can be used in the classroom.

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