How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Website Or Blog (Part 1)

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Create a Twitter profile

Once you have set account, it is important that you spend a little time to customize the profile.

When it comes to setting up a personalized profile on Twitter, there is not much to do. All you have to do is choose a pre-existing background (or create a custom one), select an avatar image thumbnails, and then fill out a short "bio" and "About Me" information.

Finally, do not forget to add the URL of your business and create a section that briefly explains 1) what makes your business, and 2) what is the purpose of the Twitter profile (ie, give away free stuff, keep the competition and provide free information ).

Track Your Twitter Page

As with any marketing campaign, you should follow the Twitter promotion campaigns by tracking the results. One free way to do this is to use find all instances of people talking about you or your company on Twitter.

can use another tool called Twitter Beep: This service will automatically email you every time something about you or your business tweeted.

Finally, you can check your website analytics / traffic statistics program to determine how much traffic you get from Twitter. If you currently do not have good traffic statistics program, you can get one for free from here. Http: / /

Using the Twitter Search Engine

Another approach you can take is to use a Twitter search engine to find Tweets relating to your company's niche. It is an easy way to find people who might be interested in your products or services.

At first, many people add May decide not to follow, however, over time, if they accumulate 50 new followers every day, you'll gain momentum. If you make interesting Tweets, offer coupons, or the chirping of vital information, you may get re-tweeted, extends his hands, and perhaps bring new followers.

to use Twitter to conduct market research

Unfortunately, marketers often approach social media with the wrong attitude. Marketers often miss great opportunities to Twitter is like to market research. In the past, it is very difficult to observe their clients when they talked casually about your products or competing products;. However, this is exactly what you can do with Twitter

link your Twitter and Facebook accounts

One way to save while maintaining its presence on both Facebook and Twitter to connect the two accounts. This will allow you to have automatically update your Facebook status with Tweets.

It is quite simple and can save you the hassle of moving between the two accounts and re-posting the same message repeatedly. If this sounds like a good idea for you, go to the following URL

Once you are there, all you have to do is click a button to allow you to post your Twitter tweets on my Facebook account. After that, your Tweets automatically be posted to your Facebook account.

to encourage others to promote your Twitter account

can use contests and other incentives to get people to become "fan" or a follower. But even if you do not want to go that far, there are many easier things you can do to attract new members of your network.

To begin, you can encourage people to tell others about your fan site or Twitter account. It's as simple as including 2-3 lines of text on your profile that you explicitly state that visitors need to tell your friends and family about your profile, if you find it useful.

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