How to make auto-generated content on the page search WordPress

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Auto-generated content is a powerful way to increase traffic to your website or blog, let alone that CMS do you use WordPress, terrible dah!. I myself have tried for 7 months, were the results? nearly 2 million pageviews or hits every month! (Do not have VPS, shared hosting Bluehost is tough!) Blog Jevuska this is my place to experiment to business playing with search engines, especially Google search engine (SE), to get any penalty from Google I have ever felt (not due to auto- generate tables of content), I think it's great if you like to experiment, so I was not panic if you get a penalty from Om G because it has risks and you know it's possible that could happen. Maybe you've visited this blog and find a page on my blog filled with multiple keywords and summaries of several articles related to the keywords you want, when you want to get into the article instead uh ... you spin and do not know how find the full article. Well .. that page is a page search on my wordpress blog that has been modified so that display content that was automatically generated from various sites. Source link from the site is why I include a link title is just that I modified in such a way. So sorry aja neh if there are already circling in my blog, there is no intent to deceive the visitors, if one felt cheated, yes Sorry, anyways been deleted kok (while under construction). : Mrgreen: Even if there are Kessel said, a comment that little cuss is not clear identity (its IP but clear although sometimes a proxy but easily tracked it), I think it is normal, its the internet, and the Internet just a game, but I will not approve comments like that, people said "make dirty blog wrote." So sorry sob if Ente not pleased with my blog, please close if necessary Ente Ente blogkir from pc. This is my blog, so I want to make like anything else, that's my business. :)

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