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A powerful sales letter is The Ultimate Marketing Tool for all types of business owners, sales representatives and advertising professionals. If you want to make sales...
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You need a killer sales letter, period.

It's your virtual 24/7 Zig Ziglar promoting and selling your product or service anytime, anyday, and anywhere in the world without any rest. And best of can 'talk' to tens of thousands of people at once!

Zig Ziglar, the top salesman of ALL TIME, once said that out of the 100 people he sees a day, he knows he's reached a absolutely satisfying target making 5 sales a day.

"The Best Salesperson In The World Converts at 5%!"

Now, I don't really know about you, but I would really like a salesperson like Zig to go around the whole world selling my product.

Better yet, what if I could clone an entire army of Zig Ziglars and send them to every corner of the Earth to sell away!

Sounds impossible and I'm just dreaming yea? Perhaps.

But the truth is...

"You Can Do At Least *1000*% Better That That!"

No joke buddy!

I'm not talking about a giant industrial cloning vat where we take Zig's DNA and make an army of clones with his devastating interpersonal sales potential - that's just wishful thinking.

I'm talking about a sales this very one you're reading!

Imagine a sales rep for you that works 24/7, appears all around the world at the same time, approaches prospects personally, never tires, never needs food or water, and definitely no wages!

Oh, and the most exciting part, a sales letter has a conversion rate of anything between 0.1% to 30%!


Just to get things into perspective, there're almost a BILLION Internet users out there every single day.

Let's be a little conservative and assume that our sales letter converts at a very measly 2%. And that our sales letter only reaches a disappointing 0.00001% of the entire online market, or 10000 people per day. For such a low conversion rate, we're looking at a higher-ticket item such as a $197 product, a software for example.

The calculator in my hand says that at such discouraging figures, that's a whopping $39400 a day!

Can you imagine making close to $40,000 within 24 hours?

Are you able to see the immense power and reach from a simple sales letter?

Get Your Software That Literally Forces You To Turn Words Into Cash!

"But I've Seen Sales Letters...And
They Can Be Pretty Ugly At Times!"

Yea, I believe you. I've seen my fair share too.

These 'copywriters' write short boring sales letters which tell you what the product does and not what it can do for you, before demanding for a $397 paycheque without even offering an ironclad guarantee.

The truth is...Copywriting is an art...

  • How does one sell something based on emotion alone?

  • How do you build rapport with someone whose face you've never even seen in person before?

  • How do you convince your prospect that your product, even without its bonuses, beats all other competing products hands down?

  • How your sales letter can precisely market into the prospects' subconscious mind and influence the buying decision before it has even been thought about?

This is why copywriters are paid top-notch for the killer web copy they produce! Copywriters practically have the jealously guarded abilities of converting words into cash - the midas touch itself!

But this highly-coveted ability is not some natural God-given talent.

Yes, perhaps to a lucky handful...but I can confidently say that power copywriting skills come from YEARS of hard work, experience and dedication to learning the magnetic editorial writing skills that make up the copywriting syllabus.

It's such a lucrative business because not anyone can crank out eyeball grabbing copy that's proven to convert prospects to customers faster than you can say 'Hallelujah'!

"But I Can't Write Killer Web Copy!"

I'm serious.

I just can't. Not because I don't have the flair for it, it takes too much time!

Writing great sales letters require you to know your product inside-out. You need to know your customer inside-out.

It's no surprise that the best sales letters require weeks or months of work, research and refinement before they've the hypnotic factor that magically attracts and transforms any reader into a ready customer.

Months of work and testing that could be used to earn more money, come up with ground-breaking ideas, conduct controversial research, or just to spend time with family and loved ones.

That's why for a time, I spend between $5000-$30000 paying renowned and proven copywriters for each sales letter.

Start Cranking Out Kick-Butt Copy Virtually In Minutes!

"In A Nutshell, I Wanted A High-Converting Sales Letter Without Having To Spend The Hundreds Of Hours And The Thousands Of Dollars Writing It!"

The price was a bomb, really.

So that's when I decided to train my very own style of an automated copywriter that wouldn't complain, procrastinate or need pay!

Introducing 'My Cash Publisher'...

"Software That Forces You To
Turn Words Into Cash!"

Get It Here Before It Sells Out!

Would you like to have your very own sales letter software where you can just punch in details about your product or service, and in a matter of minutes, it'll spit out a fully customizable sales letter that...

Glues the readers' eyeballs onto the screen with system-orientated, time-tested and results-proven headlines!

Comes in a simple turnkey 'plug and play' system where you punch in a few keys and Voila - Instant Sales Letters in no time!

Includes rotated principles of Cognitive Dissonance that tweak prospects NOT into customers but into hyper-responsive customers that scroll all the way down to the 'Order Now' button!

Is pre-filled with a truckload of the best-converting and statistically proven sales letters template written by the best copywriters in the league, guaranteed to rocket your conversion rates by at least 300%!

Has already been written in a proven great formula that keeps the product reverberating in the customer's head until the person simply must have it!

Creates a swirling vortex of scorching hot, qualified leads and prospects and ultimately customers!

Is empowered by the highly-controversial 'Dark-Side' Principles that literally commands them to buy...and gets them to obey!

Integrates immensely powerful 'list-building' mechanisms that gets leads begging to be part of your list!

Contains extremely secret techniques that has the potential to tweak your web copy into a Money Magnet Machine!

Comes ready made with a multitude of web graphics already put into place, saving you the time, effort and hassle or redesigning your sales letter!

Makes inserting consistent and compatible Order Links anywhere in the copy!

Includes ready templates of Neuro-Linguistic Programming devices that have the highly coveted ability of tweaking a customer's mind!

Can be ready in mere minutes, saving you hundreds of hours!

Can be replicated over and over again, for any product or service, whenever at any time (even if it's 2am in the morning) at NO EXTRA COST!

And Much Much More!

Fact is: if you want to produce your very own killer sales letters that are based on tested and proven templates of the very best copywriters in the world in a fraction of the time even they need to make it, and definitely at a minute fraction of their fees...

YES , Let Me In Immediately!

I Want To Secure MY Very Own License to "My Cash Publisher" Right Now!

I Understand I'll Be Receiving An Amazing One-Of-


-Kind Sales Letter Creator Software That Can Virtually Crank Out Killer Sales Letters Based On The Templates Of World-Class Copywriters Valued At Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars In No Time!

I Also Know That I'll Get 46 Audio Clips That Will Meticulously Guide Me To Producing Eyeball-Grabbing Copy That Will Rocket My Conversions If I Act Now...

On That Basis, Let Me In At This Insane One-Time Investment Of Only $397 $297 $10 For My License To 'My Cash Publisher' For Life And I'll Never Have To Pay Again Even After Making My 1000th Saleees Letteeer!

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