Introducing the Landing Page Brain Dump

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How can you make more sales and higher commissions despite having less traffic and more competition?

Now, don't get me wrong. It's great to keep your income and profits consistent but it really bothered me to see the overall number of sales drop because it's almost impossible not to think about what things could be.

You start to do the math. You realize that if your sales volume was the same you could be making twice as much money each and every month. It's enough to keep you awake at night :-)

As I was considering these things, there was more and more talk in the affiliate marketing world about using landing pages to send your Adwords traffic to and then send people to the merchant's site you are promoting from your landing page.

Landing pages are nothing more than a webpage where you send your pay per click traffic to (it is the page people land on after they click your ad, hence the name "landing page").

The concept sounds simple but it goes against everything you love about the "direct to merchant" model.

Using landing pages you need to build a web page, register a domain, create some content, and get a web host.

Because of this and because it was a new concept that I was unfamiliar with I spent over a year resisting change, dismissing landing pages and ultimately holding my business back.

Until finally I bit the bullet, stoppe procrastinating and started using some landing pages.

For over a year now, I've been testing and tweaking my landing pages, and in some cases I've lost money to learn lessons the hard way.

Introducing the Landing Page Brain Dump.

This 2 1/2 hour brain dump reveals the psychology and tactics behind creating effective landing pages.

In this recording I purged my brain of landing page related information and strategies answering some of the most frequent questions about how to properly use landing pages for Adwords Affiliate Marketing.

In this recording you will discover the answers to these questions:

What should the landing page try to accomplish?
How to offer a different view of a product without repeating too much of the information from the product sales page?
What type of products do landing pages work best with?
When should you not use a landing page?
How long should a landing page be?
What information should be on the page?
Does a landing page increase sales? If so, how?
After testing a pay-per-click campaign, what results would you need to see before setting up a landing page to direct traffic to that and other merchant sites?
Do I need a landing page because the methods of direct to merchant are fading?
Which type of landing page tends to show the highest conversion to sales and click through?

What kind of web designs on your landing pages sell products most effectively?

What do you find to be the best and cheapest tool to build landing pages with?
Is it a good idea to extract visitors’ names and emails from landing pages before they go to the merchant?
What are the major components that all good landing pages should have?
What’s the best layout for a landing page?
How long do you make your landing pages? Should they be one screen dynamic sales pitches or sales letters spanning several screen lengths?

How much info do you include on your landing page?

If the landing page is part of an existing website should it lead back to the home page, or do we structure it so that the user moves off our site ASAP?
Should we leave normal navigation on a landing page?
What is the maximum number of affiliate links you can put on a single landing page before it gets excessive?
Using a review format for your landing page, how do you get actual products in order to write an honest review without spending a fortune?
Is it appropriate to make a buy now pitch with a link directly to order? Or is it best to have the landing page link to a more in depth sales page?
Do you make landing pages keyword specific?
For the affiliate landing page do testimonials work or should they be left for the main sales page?
Is it advisable to add Ad Sense ads on the landing page?
Do I need a different domain name for every landing page or can I use sub-domains or generic domain names for all reviews?
What is a typical click through rate between my landing page and the sales page that I should aim for?
How much does click through rate to the merchant drop when you add a landing page?
How much does conversion rate increase when you add a landing page?
How long is ideal for a visitor to stay on the landing page? Is length a factor in their decision to click links in your sales page?
How do you track split testing, and what software tools are out there that you recommend for split testing?
How do you optimize landing pages to improve conversion rates?
After the landing page has shown some good results, would you expand it into a several page website of related subjects or leave it as it is?

= Most important money making tips (if nothing else listen to these answers!)

All these question and more are answered in this 150 minute recording!

Look. If you are serious about affiliate marketing with adwords or any other pay per click search engine you need to seriously consider implementing lading pages into your marketing efforts.

Landing pages enable you to go after more competitive markets, bid on more expensive and highly sought after keywords (and be ranked on the first page of results) and still turn a profit month after month.

Please understand that while you can profitably compete in competitive markets using higher priced keywords you still need to have the money to cover your expenses. Landing pages do not magically reduce expenses but rather allow you to covert a high enough percentage of this traffic to enable you to make more money than you spend.

So if the competitive markets sound a bit risky to you, landing pages still perform wonderfully with the lower priced and less risky niche keywords that can be found in any market.

The bottom line is that landing pages are the ultimate marketing tool for affiliate pay per click marketers that can turn a direct to merchant campaign into overdrive whether you are a seasoned marketing veteran or a beginner just starting out these strategies will work for you.

Despite this are you....

Still Doubting The Long Term profitability of
Adwords Affiliate Marketing?

For those of you who still have doubts or perhaps are completely new to Adwords Affiliate Marketing, we have also put together a list of the most common questions and concerns and answered them in a no holds barred two hour confessional.

Adwords Rumors Crushed Recording

In this recording you will discover the answers to these questions:

What is a step-by-step approach of getting started and genuinely make good money from affiliate advertising even with lots of competitors? - This is a dangerous question discover why!

Can affiliate marketing serve as a long term source of income or is it over saturated?

How should you select effective keywords in competitive markets that convert well and don’t cost much?
How do you make sure that you’re bidding the right amount for an Adword and not blow away your budget

What is the most cost effective way of converting clicks to conversions?

How do I find the best affiliate programs to promote, especially affiliates that don’t require websites?

How should you make an effective landing page that converts well?

Is a website and a landing page absolutely mandatory before you start promoting products?

What are the characteristics of products and services that offer best click through and conversion?

Most of the items/keywords to promote are saturated and full of Adwords. How do you go about finding the so-called untapped and profitable niche markets?

How should you overcome the break even barrier for any campaign, which is underperforming?

What should be the starting budget for any campaign?

How accurate are the different keyword analysis tools and how should their results be interpreted?

What are the key steps when bidding for a keyword and how does one know that the bid entered is absolutely correct?

How should Adword campaigns be started and then sustained over a period of time?

Who Will DEFINITELY Benefit From
Landing Page Brain Dump?

1. Anyone currently using Google Adwords to promote their online business. I know that we can reduce your advertising dollars and increase your profits.

2. Anyone who has just heard about the Google Cash system of making a living online but has never taken the time to try it.

4. Anyone who has been trying to make money online but has failed so far. (I know what that feels like and I can definitely help you.)

5. Anyone who knows that they could be making more money online but just needs that 'kick in the butt' (otherwise called motivation) to get them performing at their peak.

"OK, I'm Ready … Give Me Access"

.....Let's just recap what you'll get with The Adwords Landing Page Brain Dump Package.

You will receive:

MP3 Landing Page Brain Dump Recording
Length - (2 hours 34 minutes 36 seconds)
Full PDF Transcripts of Landing Page Brain Dump Recording (insert # pages)

MP3 - Adwords Rumors Crushed Recording
Length - (2 hours 8 minutes and 36 seconds)
Full PDF Transcripts of Adwords Rumors Crushed (Insert # pages)

This is over 4.5 hours of straight to the point shoot from the hip information in high quality MP3 that you can listen to at home on your computer, burn to a CD and listen on the road or transfer to your iPod or MP3 device of choice with easy to read PDF transcripts so you can follow along (we have tidied the transcripts up a bit so they will be easier to read).

To be honest this is some of the best information I have ever recorded. Instead of spending hours obsessively fine tuning outlines and preparing my answers to these important questions I simply took the questions, printed them out, sat back and let the information flow resulting in an amazing purge of top notch information instead of the usually "guarded" sounding answers you often here as a result of over preparation and attempting to "stick to the outline."

Resale Rights Also Available!

Not only can you learn from this information but you can profit from it as well. With resale rights you have permission to sell these recordings and transcripts and you can keep 100% of the profits.

Rest assured that this is not some craptastic resale package with repackaged information. Everything is completely original content and strategies that have been updated to meet the needs of Adwords Affiliate Marketers in 2006 and beyond.

You can pickup the resale rights to this entire package for an additional $100, which is an absolute steal, since Google related products are some of the hottest selling items online.

If you have any sort of mailing list, you'll be able to make your money back with just a few sales, so if you want these rights, pick them up now to give yourself the best chance of making come quick cash!

We do have a few limitations on how these resale rights can be used and encourage you to checkout our resale rights license guidelines.

8 Week Money Back Guarantee!

If you don't agree that Landing Page Brain Dump helps you compete in the most competetive and expensive Adwords markets, and makes you more money, just let us know and we'll give you an immediate refund... even if its 8 weeks after the event.

There's no risk, so do yourself a favor and pick this up now, while you are thinking about it. You'll be glad you did, and so will your bank account.

So What does It Cost?

Click Here to Pick up the Course with Resale Rights
You receive the MP3 Audios and PDF transcripts, and pick up the resale rights for just $267.
(Act quickly you'll be able to pick it up for just $167)

Click Here to Pick up the Course Transcript and MP3s
You receive the MP3 Audios and PDF transcripts for just $147.
(Act quickly you'll be able to pick it up for just $67)

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