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Anguilla, also Snake Island, is one of the most northerly of all the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles. An internally self-governing British overseas territory, Anguilla's military defence is the responsibility of the United Kingdom.

Anguilla was First colonized by English settlers in 1650, and was incorporated into British dependency along with the neighbouring islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis in the early 19th century. This incorporation didn't pass without much objection of the Anguillan peoples. In 1980 Anguilla formally withdrew from the territory, and thus becoming a separate British dependency, which it remains today.

As a British overseas terrirtory Anguilla, the Brithish government is represented in the territory by a formally apointed Governor. The head of government is a local elected Chief Minister.

Industry on the island is small due to it's size. The two major industries are tourism and fishing, offshore banking becoming an increasing role in the economy. The majority of Anguillans are Protestant and are of African descent.

Because of it's peaceful, and relaxed atmosphere it's no doubt that Anguilla has become such a hot tourist destination in the past years. If your planning a trip to the Carribean there are several countries to choose from: Make sure that you don't miss out on visiting Anguilla!

Grab My FREE Internet Marketing Private Label Resale Rights Audio Course Today!

Internet Marketing Private Label Resale Rights

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