Google Planning Block Facebook

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Google Planning Block Facebook - company in the world's largest search engine, Google plans to begin blocking Facebook and other Web services to access user information. This is an incentive marks the beginning of a rivalry between the two Internet giants. Google will no longer allow other services to automatically import user email contacts data for their own purposes, except if the information flows both ways. He alleges in particular for Google contacts suck up data, without allowing for the import and export auto information for the user. So far, up, with more than 500 million users, depend on email services like Google Gmail, to help new users find friends already on the network. When someone joins, they are prompted to import their Gmail contacts list into the social networking service. then notify users that have email contacts as well as in social networks. In a statement, Google said that websites such as Facebook "leaving users at the end of the data to die." To no immediate comment on Friday. Although Google argued in an effort to protect the user's ability to maintain control over their personal data on the internet, some analysts said the move was clearly a battle between Google as the world's largest search engine, with up as the dominant Internet social network. "The dynamics of the fundamental strength of this day, the Web is any dispute arises between Facebook and Google," said Gartner analyst Ray Valdes. "Google needs to grow to become big players in the social web and not been able to do itu.Jika people do a search on Facebook, if they email in Facebook, if they are instant messaging in Facebook, all chips will go on Google properties," he concluded. Google says that it even makes it easy for other web services to automatically import your contacts data users, for not reciprocating. "We have decided to change our approach slightly to reflect the fact that users often do not realize that once they have imported their contacts to sites like Facebook, they are effectively trapped," said Google in an emailed statement. "We will no longer allow website users to automate import Google contacts (via our API) allowing export unless they are the same as other sites," said Google. A Google spokesman said the company has started to enforce the new rules "gradually." Google also stresses that users will still be able to download their contacts manually into their computers in the "open format, the machine-readable" which can then be imported into a Web service. facebook itself be planned that will use your email address

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