CASCADE MOUNTAIN COASTER - Portage, Wisconsin 1970's

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CASCADE MOUNTAIN COASTER - Portage, Wisconsin 1970's This ultra rare video clip will give you thrill seekers a glimpse at what use to be the world's longest Alpine Coaster at the Cascade Mountain Ski Resort in Portage, Wisconsin back in the 1970's. To ride the coaster, you took a chairlift to the top of the mountain where you then boarded your individual coaster car which ran along a narrow track down the mountain. There were plenty of steep drops, curves and high speed straightaways. Just what the doctor ordered! The video quality isn't that great but it's good enough to see how much fun this ride was. The coaster only operated for a short period so many of you probably never even knew it existed. videographer: Clarence Hinze From: swampfoxer Views: 6751 6 ratings Time: 02:56 More in Travel & Events

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