Autumn Equinox trailer - SVA thesis 2010

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Autumn Equinox trailer - SVA thesis 2010 Trailer for my traditional animation thesis film "Autumn Equinox" Story: A mother and daughter embark on a voyage through an urban metropolis to the still, spiritual calmness of nature. Along the way we see the flow of time. A falling leaf, a blinking sign, a drop of water, a brief breeze brush by. Life's cycle continues on all around us. Medium: Pen and ink, composited in After Effects Trailer music: "Leaves Falling" by Lullatone Credits: film by Ben Warren sound design by Soichiro Migita Short animation runtime: 12 min 30 sec From: Maborosi77 Views: 1616 7 ratings Time: 02:13 More in Film & Animation

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