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Free Download Avatar 2010 – The Last Airbender (2010) Cam XviD

Posted: 06 Jul 2010 02:57 PM PDT

Free Download Avatar  2010 - The Last Airbender (2010) Cam XviD
The world is divided into four kingdoms, each represented by the element they harness, and peace has lasted throughout the realms of Water, Air, Earth, and Fire under the supervision of the Avatar, a link to the spirit world and the only being capable of mastering the use of all four elements. When young Avatar Aang disappears, the Fire Nation launches an attack to eradicate all members of the Air Nomads to prevent interference in their future plans for world domination.

100 years pass and current Fire Lord Ozai continues to conquer and imprison anyone with elemental “bending” abilities in the Earth and Water Kingdoms, while siblings Katara and Sokka from a Southern Water Tribe find a mysterious boy trapped beneath the ice outside their village. Upon rescuing him, he reveals himself to be Aang, Avatar and last of the Air Nomads.

Swearing to protect the Avatar, Katara and Sokka journey with him to the Northern Water Kingdom in his quest to master “Waterbending” and eventually fulfill his destiny of once again restoring peace to the world. But as they inch nearer to their goal, the group must evade Prince Zuko, the exiled son of Lord Ozai, Commander Zhao, the Fire Nation’s military leader, and the tyrannical onslaught of the evil Fire Lord himself. Written by The Massie Twins



Import Blogger Content to Posterous

Posted: 06 Jul 2010 11:54 AM PDT

Import Blogger Content to PosterousMicro-blogging platform Posterous has released a new tool to help Blogger users to migrate their content to Posterous in a very simple manner. In fact, Blogger is now being added to a collection of web services Posterous is integrating in their platform.

Every day since June 22nd 2010, Posterous has been releasing a new tool to help users transfer content from the competition to their platform in a campaign called A new importer per day for the next 15 days.

Tools for Squareforce, TweetPhoto, TwitPic, Xanga, Vox, LiveJournal, Tumblr and Ning have already been released until now to rave user reviews. With today’s launch, Posterous made a big move on the blogging market, going after one of the biggest blogging platforms on the web.

Richard Pearson, vice president of marketing at Posterous described this tool as one of the most important for the company in this cycle, being one of the most requested features by users in the last year. “This launch is very important to us because Blogger has been one of the most requested services by our users, especially outside the United States,” said Mr. Pearson for Spanish blog Genbeta.

Users will be able to move Blogger posts, static pages, tags and even comments just by entering their blog URL address, no change being made to the original Blogger page.

While Tumblr ranks in traffic statistics way higher than Posterous, the company has recently recorded a 700% yearly growth in unique visitors, mainly driven by many of the new tools the company has been releasing lately.

With a very simple editor, a huge array of theme designs, social bookmarking features, support for images, video and audio files, the company attracts users like a magnet. Their leading feature still remains the content auto-updaters for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Buzz (added a week before the Blogger Importer).

To migrate content from your Blogger account to Posterous just follow this link.

Facebook Senior Engineer Hacked by his Colleagues

Posted: 06 Jul 2010 11:52 AM PDT

Facebook Senior Engineer Hacked by his ColleaguesSeveral Facebook employees successfully hacked the password of a senior engineer as part of a challenge to test the security of the site’s administrative system. In order to do it they employed an evil twin wireless attack.

Last month Twitter settled with the Federal Trade Commission following an investigation into two security breaches that resulted in unauthorized individuals obtaining access to the site’s administrative system. Both incidents occurred in early 2009 and involved the compromise of accounts belonging to Twitter employees.

The first incident was the result of a classic brute force dictionary attack against a weak password (happiness), while the second was based on social engineering and involved the hacker compromising a personal email account first. As a result, the micro-blogging site was barred by the FTC for the next twenty years from misleading consumers about the extent to which it protects the security, privacy, and confidentiality of nonpublic consumer information. It was also forced to implement a comprehensive security program, that will be subject to independent audits for the next ten years.

According to TechCrunch, a Facebook site reliability engineer named Pedram Keyani was inspired by Twitter incidents and challenged his colleagues to try and hack him in a similar manner, the end game being access to the site’s administrative system. The “hackers” didn’t bother with phishing attacks or trying to infect the engineer’s computer with password stealing malware.

Instead they went straight to the place where he was most vulnerable, at home. There the “hackers” instrumented what is known as an evil twin attack. They installed a rogue access point, duplicated the settings of his wireless network – same SSID, same channel – and waited.

Being in the comfort of his home and with his guard down, Keyani logged into the rogue access point without realizing anything was wrong. Unfortunately, his colleagues had a traffic snooper installed on the AP, which captured everything, including his Facebook password in plain text.

Keyani considers the test a success, which proves the strong security model of the site. “While they were able to access my personal Facebook account, they were not able to use this information to access any other account on Facebook,” he told TechCrunch. via news softpedia

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