Strengthen Your Faith on National Day of Prayer 2010

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Many are unaware that today is National Day of Prayer. This observance has been held annually since 1952, when Harry Truman issued the first proclamation. United States President Barack Obama issued a proclamation on April 30.

Here is a part of the Presidential Proclamation:
“On this day, let us give thanks for the many blessings God has bestowed upon our Nation. Let us rejoice for the blessing of freedom both to believe and to live our beliefs, and for the many other freedoms and opportunities that bring us together as one Nation. Let us ask for wisdom, compassion, and discernment of justice as we address the great challenges of our time.”
The National Day of Prayer is not just an ordinary day. It is a day to celebrate life as God’s servant. Today is the best day to thank the Almighty Father for the wonderful blessings. Let us also pray for those who are sick, the needy, those who are in jail, all leaders of all nations and the leaders of the Church and for the whole world, to have peace and prosperity.
Today is not the only day to pray. Talk to God everyday to strengthen your faith.

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