The Death of Information Marketing as We Know It

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WARNING: Ignore At Your Peril

"How You Can PROFIT from the Coming Information Marketing CRASH and Financial Blood-Bath That Is Going to Be Caused By Cash-Rich Fake Gurus and Other Internet Scums!"

Introducing a FREE Time-Sensitive, Critical Manuscript You Need to Read NOW To Avoid Becoming A Victim of the Oncoming Onslaught...

Please Note:
"The Death of Information Marketing as We Know It"
by Dan Lok is NOT a Sales Pitch

It is a stern warning and a sobering wake-up call to the Information Marketing Industry. This manuscript contains No pitches. No bait & switch. It is NOT some kind of tease to a higher-priced book, course, seminar, coaching program, membership or software program. It is NOT some "pre-launch" for something else. This manuscript is 100% Pure Content.

Dear Info-Marketer:

Information Marketing as we know it is DYING. It greatly pains me to admit it, but it's the truth.

I love this industry. Over the past 5 years, I've personally made millions in the business of marketing and selling information. It has afforded me a remarkable lifestyle of wealth and prosperity - for which I will be forever grateful.

And yet I find myself watching the industry I love die before my very eyes - at least in the way I've known it.

I lose sleep over the alarming trends and clear warning signs I see increasing with every passing day. I cannot sit idly by and watch my business as well as the businesses of my friends and clients get destroyed by what I see coming.

I'm not the only one who sees it. I sit in high-level mastermind meetings with multi-millionaire info marketers who notice these signs as well. We all agree... something has to change. It's time for someone to speak up. That someone has to be me.

If You Are an Information Marketer (or Plan to Be) - Read Every Word of "The Death of Information Marketing As We Know It"... Before It's Too Late.

For the last 6 months, I have slaved away writing an extremely poignant, disturbing, insightful, and highly controversial manuscript called "The Death of Information Marketing As We Know It".

It is my sincerest hope that you read every word of it and make specific changes in your business that I recommend in order to avoid "the crash" that's looming on the horizon.

Because believe me - it's coming - and it will affect amateurs and experienced info-marketers alike. Please feel free to pass this manuscript on to anyone who would value from it.

Why Many Experienced Information Marketers
WILL NOT Like What I Have to Say

Undoubtedly, this controversial manuscript will be ill-received by many. Experienced Information Marketers are very likely to disagree with me and even become downright irritated by what I have to say.

Why? Because I expose these hard-to-swallow truths:

  • Why the World's Most Successful Information Marketers are Wringing Their Hands in Worry Behind Closed Doors
  • A "Straight-No Chaser" Look at the Disturbing Trends and Unsettling Truths Affecting Everyone in Today's Information Marketplace
  • Why More Information is The LAST Thing Customers Really Want
  • The Fate of the Lowly Ebook
  • The Disturbing Truth About Why Seminars are Getting Harder to Fill
  • Do People REALLY Read What You Write?: The UGLY Statistics
  • The "Exhausting Burden" That Top Information Marketers Only Talk About Behind Closed Doors
  • What Is Overtaking the Information Marketing Business
  • The Myth of the Auto-Pilot 7-Figure Income
  • HUGE MISTAKES Causing Even the Biggest Information Marketing Empires to Crumble

However, this manuscript is NOT ALL Doom & Gloom... not at all!

In fact, I've went to great lengths to give you every protective measure I have personally implemented to render my business and my client's businesses virtually "bullet-proof" from the coming death blow that is going to hit the industry.

I guarantee that when you the put these protective measures to work in any viable Information Marketing business... you will be one of the few standing who not only survive, but thrive in the years to come!

Here's an idea of just a few of the "protective measures" you'll discover in this manuscript:

What You MUST Incorporate Into Your Marketing If You Want to Make Money Selling Information in Today's Market

What Prospects REALLY Want - Give Them This and They'll Gladly Pay You Again and Again...

How to Make People Seek You Out and Gladly Pay Any Price For What You 3 Simple Steps

The Secret to Dominating a Market and Scaring Potential Competitors Away

How to Get Your Customers to Consume Your Products Sooner and Buy From You More Often

Download "The Death of Information Marketing As
We Know It" by Dan Lok For FREE Here >>

So Why Would I Sacrifice $50,000.00 In
Potential Sales of This Manuscript and
Give It Away For FREE?

I worked just as hard, if not harder on this manuscript than any eBook I've created. In fact, I would say that the information in this manuscript is even MORE valuable than what I've discussed in some of my previous eBooks.

Why? Because "The Death of Information Marketing As We Know It" shows you step-by-step how to build and maintain an Information Marketing Empire - one that is impervious to competition, un-phased by increased advertising costs, and always on-top of the ever-changing, highly volatile world of technology.

In the pages of "The Death of Information Marketing As We Know It", you'll discover the same highly-profitable strategies and highly-guarded trade secrets that I thrash out every day with my own personal mentoring clients - highly-successful six-figure and seven-figure entrepreneurs who pay me $18,000 a year for my insights.

This is "top-level" information that can catapult any Information Marketing business from $1,000.00 a month to $10,000.00...$100,000.00 a month to $1 Million or more!

I've written eBooks that sell every day for $49.95 to $97.

And I know from experience that I could have easily sold "The Death of Information Marketing As We Know It" for at least $77 to my own list as well as through my network of affiliates. An initial launch would have easily generated a fast $50,000 in sales or more, plus it would continue to sell for years to come.

Download "The Death of Information Marketing As
We Know It" by Dan Lok For FREE Here >>

But I chose NOT to do that. Why?

The Simple Reason I Chose to Give Away
"The Death of Information Marketing As We
Know It"...To Give Before I Receive

I have seen it played out time and again in my life - the law of "giving before receiving". I believe that when you apply the breakthrough insights from this manuscript to your business that you will profit wildly from it. As a result, I trust that you will want to do business with me in the future.

So, be my guest. Take these insights, apply them to your business and enjoy the benefits. And please, let me hear about your successes.

I'll be waiting to hear from you.


Dan "The Man" Lok

P.S. Remember - "The Death of Information Marketing As We Know It" does NOT sell anything. There are no pitches, no bait & switch to a higher-priced book, course, seminar, or membership program. It is NOT a"pre-launch" for something else. It IS 100% PURE content.

Listen to Frank

"Dan Lok is to copywriting and marketing what Tiger Woods is to golf, or Donald Trump is to Real Estate! I have never seen anyone write with such impact. He has an extraordinary way of capturing people's attention through the written word. Dan knows writing AND he knows marketing.

Most importantly, he is a man who can do exactly what he says he can do, do it exactly when he says he will - and do it with absolute integrity and honesty. If you want to Make It BIG in business, Dan Lok is your man. He has my highest recommendation."

Frank McKinney
"The World's Premier Creator of Oceanfront Multi-Million Dollar Estate Homes"

Best-Selling Author, "Make It BIG!"
Reality TV Show Star And Producer of "The Maverick"

Note: Mr. McKinney has been endorsed by billionaires like Donald Trump and Rich DeVos

"Dan Lok tells you critical marketing facts that would take years to learn in the real world. He pulls no punches as he shows you clearly how to seriously increase your profits while sidestepping the many mistakes made by ordinary marketers.

Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books
Over 14 million sold; now in 39 languages

"Dan Lok is a marketing genius, a world-class copywriter and an incredibly savvy entrepreneur. Get his products, get his coaching, get whatever you can from him, you'll be totally glad you did!"

-Mike Litman
Co-Author #1 International Best-Seller "Conversations with Millionaires"
Networking Times Magazine calls him "A modern day Napoleon Hill"

Listen to Mike

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We Know It" >>

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